3 ways Yogi Dance will change your life...


Life today can be demanding... and the effects of those demands are well known by many. High levels of stress on a daily basis, dis-ease of the body, tension in relationships, undesirable weight gain, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression. These demands are taxing our health care system... and worse, diminishing your quality of life. Leaving you to ignore the very essence of who you are and feel victimized by the pangs of distress in the body.

So what is the solution... We at InnerVerse Connect believe that changing the state of your physiology, changes the energy that you emit and the reality  that you attract. We say the answer is...Yogi Dance. 

There is something special about dance. It is something that we all have done in our lives no matter the age. Letting the music take over and discovering a side of you often hidden from the world. 

Well here at InnerVerse Connect, we have engineered the powerful tactics of yoga and integrated it with dance to present to you... Yogi Dance! 

How does Yogi Dance create evolution of the mind and body...

1) Alleviates anxiety and depression

If you are anything like me, you have experienced the consequences of depression and anxiety in your life time and time again. This is not something that simply goes away by thinking about it! No matter how many times I have tried... thinking about being happy only pushed me deeper down the rabbit hole. 

What I have found is that the learnt habitual thoughts of depression and anxiety that we experience in our conscious brain cannot be changed through the conscious brain itself. That is where our subconscious (Super-conscious is what I like to call it) comes into play. Things is... the super-conscious brain does not change through words... it changes through experience and emotion generated in the body. We have designed yogi dance as a bio-hack , intentionally manipulating our state of mind through manipulating the state of our bodies!

2) Create the body you love

Whether or not we like to admit it... having the body of your dreams will always play a role in the quality of life that we lead. There is absolutely no getting around it... a body in motion, stays in motion. I am sure that you have felt it before; you know, that feeling you get when you finally start hitting the gym and feel like you have a completely new body regardless if the number on the scale has changed or not. That is because you have generated the motion of energy... energy in motion... E-motion!

With Yogi Dance you will naturally burn calories, begin to use muscles you never even knew existed and most importantly, create the emotions and energy in your body that radiates from you in all directions.

3) Radiate Confidence and personal power

I know you want it... we all want it. To feel the confidence to speak what you mean and mean what you say. To walk into a room without having to utter a word and everyone wonder... who is she?  Or maybe just the confidence to start to check off a few boxes on your bucket list; travel to Europe or South america, or a different part of Canada for that matter! 

No matter what you desire in your life, without feeling personal power and self-confidence, fact of the matter is, you will never experience it. And I am sure I speak for us all when I say... that simply won't do!

YogiDance shifts how you feel, altering the state of your physiology building functional muscles and creating a calm mind...we access your energetic body on all levels. 
Science has shown that there exists meridians, channels of energy, throughout the body. Ancient Chinese cultures refer to this as our Chi and in yoga we discuss this as our Chakra system. In yogi dance not only will you experience your energetic body, you will learn how if functions and ways to manipulate it for your benefit on a daily basis... need I say more?

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