It's YOU!

Let's be real...

How do you show up?

Really though. Right now, wherever you are, sitting at a desk, at home, on a patio, with a loved one, with just yourself. How are you showing up?

Are you here, or are you worried about some imagined future…

Are you choosing to see the moment for what it truly is, or are you plaguing it with expectations, assumptions, stories and stress?

Seems so much easier to take the role of victim isn’t it… it’s a role you have rehearsed time and time again. You have played the “woe is me” track many times and have sang it with other people in your circle so it must be ok… right? I mean, they all agree with you. Yes it was so and so’s fault that whatever thing happened to you. Or how dare he/she said that to you… Asshole.

And chances are you were right. They had no business doing what they did to you or saying what they said to you, but I dare to ask the question… how did you show up?

What was your role in it all? Did you choose to reflect the actions and energy presented to you in that moment, or did you choose to set a different tone?

Did you choose to speak and act out of fear, or out of love? 

Out of everything that has happened in your life, pay attention to one thing. Notice one thing, what/who is the common denominator? 


In all relationships and circumstances that have occurred in your life, its YOU! You are the common denominator.

Enough with looking to your outside situations, people, places and things and start looking at YOU. You can never control the actions of others, however you can control the way YOU respond.  

So stop for a moment.

Before you say yes to anything or agree to anyone’s opinion, take a moment and take a breath.

A full inhale into the belly, and slow exhale to relax.

And from this calm space, speak your truth.



Come breath with me

Charlene SmithComment