New Year, New Understanding

You are consistent and dedicated already, just as you are. You are already perfectly disciplined, decisive and powerful. Thing is, what are you consistent with? You have habits and rituals that have formed the person you are today. And as we enter into this New Year with a fresh start to creating all that you desire, it is time to take a look at what exactly you are wanting and the habits that are necessary to manifest it.

Create a vision of yourself that is so compelling, you cannot help but smile from the very thought of it. Think about how this version of yourself would dress, talk, where you would live, who you would be around, the activities that you would do on a daily basis; who you would wake up and go to bed next to. Think of every possible detail that makes you more excited than your first day of school (if you are like me and LOVED school of course haha)!

More so, take a keen look into what sort of person you currently believe yourself to be and see where you can raise your standards. Raise the standards of your self talk, your perceived limitations and goals! Why not you… why not now… why not TODAY?!

xoxo Char 

Charlene SmithComment