Blessings to you love,

Happy Mental Health Day 2018 <3 <3 <3 

I hope it finds you at a time when you have been able to settle into your  fall routines and have time to take care of yourself despite the quick and disruptive shift of seasons.  And amidst all this, we must choose to STAY in FLOW with our bodies, our minds, our energy. It's time to check in, NOT check out.  

One thing that I have come to realize, is that as we get deeper into our bodies, we get deeper into ourselves and as a result... everything begins to rise to the surface begging for you to answer the question:

Does this continue to serve you? 

And when you FORGET that you are the creator of your entire world, you lose sight of your ability to choose differently... to choose what it is that you ACTUALLY desire.
You make compromises, colouring your doubts with stories that mask the truth of what you feel... That feeling of not being ENOUGH.
And well, having been there and done that too many times, I can tell you this... YOU ARE ENOUGH.

In fact, this entire world is waiting to reinforce that idea to you... but we have this thing called FREE WILL that allows for us to think and create WHATEVER we want (or fear) and focus on. 

Remember this my friend:

If you have been practicing stories of lack, unworthiness, struggle, shame, guilt, regret, depression, or anxiety....

Then that is what you WILL GET GOOD AT. And your body also gets good at communicating these stories!

You continue to look at your life and see the same situations with different people to fill the roles.
You wake up the same, move your body (or don't move your body) the same.

You go to work the same. You talk to the same people, gossiping about the SAME THINGS!
And then what... expect to attract different scenarios that will by some chance make your life, body or state of mind seemingly better?

And then on the other hand...

YOU can CHOOSE something else.

You can choose to BE someone else.

Because in truth,if you want to experience something different, you gotta be a person that makes different choices. That speaks differently, walks differently and even looks different!

And yes... this is me telling you to change WHO you are if the aspects of your chosen personality is not serving the life you desire to live.!

And I say this because it is TIME to claim ALL of your desires. It is TIME to be all of who you want to be. it is TIME to recognize that WHO you are doesn't even matter so long as you remember WHAT you are...


You are ANOINTED and supported by ALL of creation.
Your DESIRES help you to serve and fulfill your LIFE'S WORK.
Your DREAMS are specifically given to YOU
Your BODY was specially made for YOU
Your PASSIONS and PLEASURES are meant to guide you into ALIGNMENT with YOUR TRUTH

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.
~ Albert Camus

Namaste <3
Queen C

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