Your Darkness Cannot Dim Your Light

If you are anything like me, all too often we find ourselves living within our own heads. Thinking about the PAST or fretting about the FUTURE.

And because our brains are DESIGNED to keep us safe, most often these thoughts reside on the negative spectrum, leaving our bodies in a STATE OF FEAR and impeding our ability to create health in mind, body and spirit/energy/soul. 

Thing is, what you RESIST, will always PERSIST 
And as we fully enter into the winter months, a time of DARKNESS; we routinely get into the habit of REJECTING this shift. Desiring to ESCAPE not only or physical environment, but even OURSELVES. 

And instead of liberating us from the darkness, we end up feeling CONSUMED by it. 

CONSTANTLY  in physical and mental ISOLATION
CONSTANTLY feeling STIFF in our bodies
CONSTANTLY feeling guilt or shame of our past


We can FEEL into our FREEDOM from our own entrapment by ACCEPTING...
not CONDEMNING our shadows. 

We got to SHOW UP in our Bodies *
We got to SHOW UP in our Minds **
We got to SHOW UP in our Energy/Spirit/Soul ***

When we show up, we get to access our power to SHIFT and TRANSMUTE the energy within us and around us. 

And at the very least, we get to be OK with who we are, where we are and maybe, just maybe feel a little more clarity on who we are BECOMING. 

For you are always in a process of BECOMING. 

Let's SHOW UP to that process shall we? ;) 

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*Get ready to move your body!
**Get ready to meditate! 
***Get ready to journal and feed your spirit <3 

Check out my YouTUBE video I did on FB live really getting into this :)

Love you,
Queen C