2019: The Year of Creativity and Expression of your true self!

Happy 2019!

Wow! We have made it to another year :) 

I look back at all the highs and lows and I recognize how much of a blessing every single one of them were!

There is something magical that happens when you give yourself permission to be human. When we forgive ourselves of our shortcomings and choose to continually look forward to the creation of our GREATEST self.

For me... that is what FREEDOM feels like.

FREEDOM to say what you mean and mean what you say

FREEDOM to live in a way that is honouring to yourself and the world around you

FREEDOM to make mistakes and be forgiven, and from there, forgive others of their mistakes.

FREEDOM to live in your body... the that way that YOU want to live in it.

FREEDOM from the shackles of pain.

FREEDOM from the trap of DEPRESSION.


And in my journey of Freedom, I have felt the value that comes with diligently learning about myself. Acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses and choosing to make them better everyday.

To feel my freedom I had to break away from the chains of thought that is so Normalized in out culture. To open my mind to new ways of being.... new ways of thinking... new ways living in my mind, body and spirit.


To create a body,a mind, a sense of spirituality, a life that you actually WANT TO LIVE. 

I moved from desiring to be accepted to choosing to be RESPECTED. T find my freedom through the creation of healthy boundaries. To use the tools of mindful living to become increasingly aware of the effect that my ENVIRONMENT has on the way I view and feel about myself and the way I feel about the world. 

As we embark upon the journey of self discovery and creation, at times you may feel as though you are alone... like there may be no one out there that understands what you are going through or desire to become. As though the path of enlightenment is simply meant to be a struggle with no way out. This is simply untrue.

Drop the struggle. Recognize that YOU ARE THE DECISIVE ELEMENT.

You create your own reality with every thought, word, action and habit that you carryout on a daily basis. it is essentially your daily form of EXPRESSION.

The way that you communicate to the world . and trust me, Communication is EVERYTHING. If there is one thing that I have realized... communication of your beliefs, desires and dreams are communicated not through your words, but through the energetics of your body. 

It is proven... over 70% of communication is non-verbal. it exists in the expression of your body and the energy that you carry with it. if you are depressed, anxious, angry or worried.... your body feels it first and shows every possible sign that you can imagine. Every cell of your body carries this energy unless YOU consciously shift and choose to embody something else.

That is why I love yoga, dance and mindful movement. Its give you the power to choose something else without having to dismantle SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs. Just as the mind effects the expression of the body... the body can effect the ENERGETIC FREQUENCY (THOUGHTS) of the mind. 

I use sensual movement & Yogidance everyday to alter the vibration of my cells. To bypass my subconscious beliefs that get triggered and create emotions of anxiety and stress and REWIRE the mind-body connection (nervous system) so that I may sit in meditation, write or practice mirror work implanting new pathways of communication within my mind and within my body. 

Try this out today:

Love Thyself Exercise

Step one:
Find a mirror (full length is best but whatever you got will do)

Step two:
Wink at yourself (bet that you can't help but smile when you do!)

Step three:
The thing I like (or love) about my face is (finish this sentence) 

Step four:
The thing I like (or love) about my body is (finish this sentence) 

And please... stop trying to make others love you when you aren't doing the things that show that you love yourself. Take a listen to the Facebook live I did on New Years Eve. Moving from accepted to RESPECTED. 

And I know... Loving yourself isn't always easy... but it' WORTH IT <3 

Love you ;) 

Namaste <3
Queen C (A.K.A. Char)

P.S. YogiDance & Twerk is TOMORROW!!