Creating the life of your dreams: Vision Board Making 101 Featuring Lyndsey Daniels

So we have made it past the first month of 2018 and by now you may have found yourself starting to steer off track to the goals you had set on January 1st. You tell yourself that you are going to start that diet on Monday or go to the gym tomorrow. Then tomorrow and Monday comes around and you experience this thing we call Procrastination. 

And I got to tell you something... Procrastination is actually not your problem. 

Stress is.

What have you been worried about in your life? Your weight, finances, relationships, career?

When your pre-frontal cortex (the thinking center of your brain) has been preoccupied all day and night thinking about the issues that you face, and so you procrastinate on doing anything that requires creative thought because you need a BREAK!

Your brain procrastinates in order to relieve stress.   

You need to step into your imagination and stop looking in the rear view mirror of past experiences.

But first, forgive yourself. That is step one. 

Next create a compelling vision of your life that you can return to as many times a day as you need. This is where the vision board comes into play. Here is our Goddess of Self Care,Lyndsey Daniels, guide on creating your own vision board today!

Lyndsey's Guide:

Live with intention so the universe can respond to your vision.

Setting a vision for your life and creating a vision board will keep your attention and intention on what has the most meaning in your life. Take this one step further and you can start manifesting your dreams and goals! I created my first vision board in 2011, and by 2016 I had everything on my board. Now 5 years might seem like a long time, but I had some lofty goals- becoming a nurse and having a family when I was single and not even in school! The point is, create your vision, keep your focus and the universe will help you manifest your dream life. 

1. Set the mood: get into a relaxed space so you can recognize your values and set your goals from a clear starting point. Get a cup of tea, dim the lights, turn on your favourite music, stretch, dance, take a bath - anything you need to help you feel more calm and at peace. 

2. Write it out and keep it positive: this doesn’t have to be fancy or organized just start making a list of what you want your life to look like. Keep your intentions positive and in the present. For example, instead of saying “I want to lose 10 pounds” you could say “I have a healthy body”. You may want to do a couple drafts, the first one with your biggest goals, feelings and values and a second one as a more organized list, written with intention. 

3. Find your images: go through various magazines and clip anything that resonates with you. Don’t think to much into it, just follow your instincts.

4. Connect: compare your clippings to your list from step 2. Keep the ones that are most in line with your vision. If there is something that looks really special to you but isn’t on your list consider what that image means to you and add that to your list. 

5. Get artsy: let go of any inhibitions here, this is YOUR vision board so it only has to look attractive to you. Play around with placement on a large poster board or on 2-3 smaller pages. Display your clippings in a way that looks best to you. Highlight and emphasize the images that hold the most importance. Let go of how you think this should look and just go with what feels natural to you. 


That’s it! Display your board so you can look at it often: your dressing table, the bathroom mirror, beside your bed. Take some time each day to look at your board and imagine your life in its best form! 

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Love and Light, 


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