Yoga for Energy and Vitality

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This year has been filled with shifts and changes. I have been feeling massive highs and crazy lows as part of the integration of a higher vibration that is being weaved into our DNA and physical biology. Though it has been a challenge, something AMAZING is happening and we must learn to manage our energy and summon it when we need to!

I have shared with you a great and simple yoga routine you can make as part of your home practice. 

1) Downward Facing Dog
* Heels press towards the floor, arms are straight and placing pressure into the entire hand (Not just the base of the palm).
*Keep a lot of length in the spine first and foremost. So if you need to bring a slight bend into your knees then please do!

2) Revolved Lunge
*Starting with your right foot forward, step into a lunge; with hands at heart center twist towards the right taking the outside of your left elbow to the outside of your right knee. 
*Be mindful not to slouch or rest your torso onto your thighs... keep engaging your core as you twist to bring your heart in line with your hands.
*Repeat on the other side

3) Warrior 2
* Begin with Right foot forward,toes pointing straight; place your left foot parallel to the back of the mat and toes pointing to the side. 
*Bring a deep bend into the right knee with your arms stretched out and shoulder blades drawn together. 
*Keep a slight tuck to your pelvis and stay strong yet open in the hips.
*Repeat on the other side

4) Half Moon Balance
* Starting with your right foot down and left leg in the air; open the body to the left hand side and reach your left arm up to the sky. 
*Stay strong in both legs and sides of your body and keep your right hand lightly on the floor to help maintain your balance.
* Repeat on the other side

5) Wide legged forward fold
*stand with feet wider than shoulder width distance apart. Lengthen through the spine and bend forwards from the hips to grab hold of your feet/ankles/shins
*Keep the spine long as you shift your weight forward into the balls of your feet and reach the crown of your head for the floor.

6) Wide legged forward fold with a twist
* Still in the wide legged forward fold, place your left hand on the floor underneath your nose and reach your right arm to the sky. As you do, keep length in the spine reaching your crown of your head forward and pressing your hips back and keep them in center. 
* Repeat other side

As you practice each posture, be sure to hold them for 5 to 10 breaths.

Namaste <3

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