4:45 pm

After Work Yoga

Energizer Fitness Studio

Edmonton, AB.





12:00 pm

Lunch Hour Yoga

Energizer Fitness Studio

Edmonton, AB.

5:30 - 6:30 pm

Warm Yin

Pure Yoga Studio. Fort Saskatchewan

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Warm Beginner Flow

Pure Yoga Studio. Fort Saskatchewan



9:45 - 10:45 AM

Flow Yoga

LA Fitness North Location (167th ave), Edmonton, AB.

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Vinyasa Flow

Be Hot Yoga Studio, Edmonton, AB

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Flow Yoga

LA Fitness West location(186 street), Edmonton, AB.




9:45 - 10:45 am

Gentle Hatha and Meditation

Be Hot Yoga Studio, Edmonton, AB

11:30 - 12:30 pm

Vinyasa Flow

Be Hot Yoga Studio, Edmonton, AB


Yogi Entrepreneur - Charlene-15.jpg
 Photo credit: Patricia Stables Photography

Photo credit: Patricia Stables Photography

Hip Hop Yoga (YogiDance with Char)

Dance is a universal expression of human experience, and Yoga an ancient rooted path of spiritual enlightenment. Dreamt up by local Yoga teacher and dancer, Charlene Smith, YogiDance is an experience that pulls you out of your head and into your heart where your body is free to let go of negative patterns and truly live!

YogiDance with Char is a celebration of your healing yoga practice with guidance for expressive dance movement to hip hop/ R&B/ soulful contemporary and dance music!  It's like a party on your mat ;) 

Focused on activating your kundalini energy and tapping into your divine nature, you leave feeling energized and lifted (no alcohol required!). 

No dance or yoga experience necessary. Open to all levels

Join the Hip Hop Yoga (YogiDance with Char) Facebook group for updates on Classes.


Twerkshop Ceremony

Experience liberation through the magically mesmerizing African rooted dance style known as Twerking!  In this tribal based dance workshop, Queen C (Char) from InnerVerse Connect warms you up with body awareness exercises and sensual movement to experience twerking as a celebration of your body and soul!

You learn the basics of booty work to liven up your Kundalini energy while utilizing tribal dance moves in a purposeful, non-appropriative setting. We return to the true nature of the dance in a ceremonial celebration of our bodies!

This class is for you if...

*You want to feel FREE in your body

*You desire to tune into your body's messages and sensations

*You have always wanted to learn how to move your booty in a way that is sexy and with confidence! 

*Feeling sexy and creating the body of your dreams effortlessly is your kind of thing ;) 

*Being supported by sisters on the journey to self love and acceptance is what you crave

You will learn to question, with your mind and body, how you can navigate this Africanist movement in body-affirming ways outside of the standard Euro-centric dance studio choreography context. Queen C invites you to build your pelvic strength while exploring the capacity of your anatomy and celebrating your booty!

High Vibe Goddess Diet Method 

Being a Goddess is a journey that starts from the inside. As a woman, there is so much more to losing weight than calories in vs. calories out. It's about the cycles we go through both mentally and physically and the wisdom we hold true to our hearts. The hormonal changes and life shifts that challenge you and leave you feeling victim to your own life are not just your own struggles... we all go through it! As a High Vibe Goddess, we take back the power not by force, but through support, mindfulness and awareness. 

The High Vibe Goddess Sisterhood is a community that supports you in the High Fat Low Carb lifestyle. The journey begins with a 12 week online eating education and integration program led by creator and head Goddess, Charlene Smith. You are supported not only by weekly coaching videos, meal plans and lesson guides, but through the Facebook community and weekly Facebook live events. 

What happens when you sign up?

First you'll receive your welcome email! You’ll download your guidebook and start with my program that sets that stage for a smooth transition into fat burning heaven.

Stage 2 is all about flipping that metabolic switch from using sugar  to using fat as a steady source of fuel.  You'll receive everything you need to do so you literally cannot fail.  I'll give you meal plans, foods lists, snack ideas, supplement guides and more so everything is a no brainer and all you have to do is follow the plug and play instructions.

You’ll get all of the tools so you know how to eat in any situation. I’ll teach you how to eat out, what to order at your favourite restaurants (yes-even fast food). I'll also give you my top strategies to blast through fat loss plateaus so you can keep going long after these 12 weeks are over.

Sign up TODAY



 Photo taken by Jenn Clara Photography

Photo taken by Jenn Clara Photography

Public Speaking on Mindfulness 

Charlene has man years experience speaking with youth and adults on the topic of mindfulness for the body and mind. Her focus begins with the breath, aiming to bring life back into the world one InnerVerse at a time. She is always excited to help educate our community towards conscious living practices. Contact us today for more information!


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