High Vibe Goddess Diet Method 12 week Program

High Vibe Goddess Diet Method 12 week Program


Learn the magic of a High Fat Low Carb method of eating so you can lose the weight and feel amazing with ease and minimal will power NOW!

You know what feels unbelievable? 

Eating more than you ever have...and losing fat.

NOT craving chips or cookies at 9pm like clockwork...and losing fat.

NOT going to bed hungry in the name of a diet that never really works...but still losing fat.

NOT having to carry food in your purse in case you get hangry at work..and you guessed it...still losing fat.

I know it sounds crazy, but when you balance your food to achieve hormonal fat loss THAT is what happens.  And it’s what happens for my clients.

It’s what I want for you.  It’s what you can achieve if you have the system. 

That’s all it is: it’s a system that actually uses the science of food and how it works to burn fat easily and quickly.

No gimmicks, no shakes, no ‘diet food’.  Nada.

12 Week High Vibe Goddess Diet Method Program includes:

-          Bi-weekly Mindful reflections reviewed and responded to by our on call Nurse and Nutritionist specializing in Mental Health ($1197 value)

-          Weekly coaching Videos and guides by Head Goddess and Mindful Living Coach Charlene to lay the basis of understanding what you are focused on for the week and the knowledge to equip you for LIFE ($1289 Value)

-          Meal Plans and recipes that are Holistic Nutritionist approved to make this fail-proof and easy for you to succeed ($597 value)

-          Lifetime Membership to the High Vibe Goddess Diet Method Community Facebook group that has weekly Facebook Live Yoga/fitness classes led by Head Goddess and Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher Charlene; Support from Sister Goddesses, daily inspiration, monthly Q&A via FB Live with Head Goddess Charlene and her professional team! (PRICELESS)


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