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Sensual Self Love Sunday: La Femme Divine's Sensual Movement Retreat with Queen C

  • Aradia Fitness Whye Ave 10121 82 Ave NW Edmonton Canada (map)

Sensual Self Love Sunday: La Femme Divine's Sensual Movement Retreat with Queen C

La Femme Divine is the only sensual movement workshop series for the fierce female body and soul of its kind. Charlene (Queen C) mindfully instructs you how to connect and move through the fluidity of the spine and hips, teaching you choreography that compliments your curves no matter how big or small.  This special self love retreat is designed to build confidence, raise your self-esteem and teach you how to express your femininity in a way that is empowering and moves beyond the socialized definitions of sexy. This is not about you adopting another person's version of sexy, but connecting to what it means to be YOU as a sensual, powerful being. From lap dance to heels.. You will learn the control and grace of your body that you have never felt before!

This Self-love Sunday Retreat is for you if...

*You desire or are curious about aligning your fierce feminine with the your graceful goddess

*You enjoy the dance styles of pop icons like Ciara, Beyonce or Lady Gaga

*You desire to experience your femininity as a source of power and strength

* You would love to build your confidence and presence not only on stage, but in your daily life... especially in the bedroom!

Channel the divas that have come before us and remember that YOU ARE THE STAR!

Your sensuality is the key to feeling like a Divine Goddess every single day. Let Queen C coach you on your journey of sensuality, self discovery and self mastery through dance! Please bring heels, knee pads (if you have), a sexy outfit, a comfy outfit, a yoga mat (if you have one), water! Snacks and a take home gift to commemorate your experience will be provided*

*If you have specific dietary needs please bring some of your own food just in case!

Investment: $169

Sensual Self Love Sunday Retreat outline:

10:00 am

Opening circle and intention setting

10:15 am to 10:45 am

The Prep: Feel into your freedom Practice

YogiDance & Twerk Flow practice designed for release of stagnant energy and open the cells of your body to create space for your transformation!

10:45 am to 12:00 pm

The Release: Bring Your Sexy Back

Floor work choreography

  • Pelvic re-setting and sensual movement basics

  • Breathwork using your power center

  • Exploring dynamic movements with grounded sensual expression.

12:00 pm Nourish & Recover

12:15 pm to 1:30 pm

The Activation: Sleek and pretty

Standing & Chair choreography

  • Focused on Spine fluidity & Hip mobility

  • Pelvic floor stabilization  

1:30 pm Nourish & Recover  

1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

The Embodiment: Bringing it all together

Areas of focus:

  • Bringing all the choreography together in YOUR WAY

  • Explore expression beyond choreography

  • Explore yourself beyond the social definitions of beauty

2:45 pm to 3:00 pm

Closing circle and reflection

Investment: $169