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UNLEASH: Reclaim Your Sensuality Women's Retreat LA edition

  • Los Angeles United States of America (map)

Unleash is a half day women’s retreat designed to unveil your sensuality, eroticism and sexual self-expression through body movement and teachings.

Both Kat and Charlene (Queen C) have worked with hundreds of women on their path of self-discovery and now they’ve come together with combined teachings and techniques designed specifically to translate the knowledge you’ll be learning into embodied wisdom through sensual body movement.

Every woman has a divine, erotic, and sensual being that lives inside of her. She is designed and wired to live a life of pleasure, joy and feeling. Did you know that your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings with no purpose in your body other than to provide you with pleasure?! As a woman, you’re literally wired to receive pleasure!

When a woman awakens her sensual and sexual expression, she awakens the fullness of her authentic self-expression. This is about bringing home and reclaiming ALL parts of yourself.

This is for you if you desire:

  • A deeper connection with your body
  • To know yourself sexually and sensually
  • More intimacy and connection in your relationships
  • To release sexual shame and guilt
  • To nurture a more loving relationship with your body and yourself
  • Connect with like hearted women
  • To express more authentically in your relationships and your life
  • Have a safe place to talk about sex, your body, and being a woman

You are a phenomenal woman and it’s time to UNLEASH her into full expression, releasing doubts, guilt, shame, and conditioning that has kept you from experiencing the juiciness that is available to you sexually, in your relationships, in your body and in your life. Come home to yourself in this powerful afternoon retreat!



11:00am - 11:30am - Start time!

  • Welcoming circle and intention setting

11:30am - 1:00pm - Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life! w/ Kat

  • Unlock your unique sexual expression
  • Understand how your body and psyche is uniquely wired to experience and receive pleasure
  • Learn how to communicate what you desire in bed and in life
  • Tap into the manifestational power of your feminine energy

1:00pm - 1:30pm - Break!

1:30pm - 3:00pm - YogiDance Twerkshop! w/ Char

  • Learn about the roots of the africanist movement known as twerking and its power to release stagnant energy
  • Unblock and connect to your pelvis; the seat of your soul and divine sexuality
  • Experience the rise of your Kundalini energy through movement and breath
  • Learn how to communicate with your body and expand your energy
  • Begin to understand how to use your sensuality to manifest your desires and...

3:00pm - 3:30pm - Closing circle!

Investment: $199.99

Kat’s Bio: 

Everything Kat teaches is centered around coming home to your true self - your true soul self, your true sexual self, and living the outward expression of your most authentic and powerful self.

She teaches and coaches women to understand themselves sexually, to access deeper sexual and sensual pleasure in their body and relationships. She helps women know what they desire sexually and know how to communicate and ask for these desires.

She coaches and teaches women to understand their inner world of thoughts, emotions and energies to overcome limiting beliefs and live a personalized version of your best life.

Kat's first book, Self Approved - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are, was published in 2017 and is available worldwide on

She is available to be hired for one-on-one coaching!

Char’s Bio:

Charlene Smith (A.K.A. Queen C) is a Yoga teacher, Dance teacher and performer who has been practicing yoga, diving into meditation and discovering the brilliance of harmonizing the bodies energetic system for over a decade. From the moment she began teaching yoga in 2013, her love and passion to create a healthy world has grown profoundly. Understanding the power of the breath, building a body of confidence and power, and of course always returning back to the spiritual center, Charlene created InnerVerse Connect.

Combined with her love of music and dance since she was a child, Charlene is honoured to share with you the floetic movements of YogiDance. YogiDance is an artistic expression of the self . By taking powerful yoga postures engineered with dance moves to build the physique and release your divine flow, you create the vibration of bliss throughout your entire body!

In her well known Twerkshops, Queen C invites you to build your pelvic strength while exploring the capacity of your anatomy and celebrating your booty. She is all about the mindful, High Vibe Goddess way of life. Mindful eating, mindful movement and mindful breathing!

Contact her for coaching, to host a private event, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected!