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Yogi Dance and BreathWork Classes 

6 Week session just finished... stay tuned for YOGIDANCE in the PARK! 


Meet Charlene

Charlene Smith 

Mindful Movement specialist

Charlene is a woman determined to inspire love for the self in mind,body and spirit. She has been practicing yoga, diving into meditation and discovering the brilliance of harmonizing the bodies energetic system. From the moment she began teaching yoga in 2013, her love and passion to create a healthy world has grown profoundly.Understanding the power of the breath, building a body of confidence and power,and of course always returning back to the spiritual center, Charlene created InnerVerse Connect.


"When I chose to participate in a bikini competition, I noticed an abundance of renowned coaches who are noted for getting amazing results and their girls in tip top shape for a mere $5000.00 or more. My only issue, besides the price, was that I also wanted to be happy and enjoy the process of learning about me. I didn’t just want to have tons of muscle and look defined; I wanted to listen and respond to the needs of my body and bring it to a place of optimal health. So I coached myself through the training process... even made my bikini ;)

It was then I identified the need for balance in the world of health and wellness.  Every day we have the right to wake up feeling amazing in our bodies and move through our days equipped with the knowledge of who we are in both the physical and mental state. With this knowledge we are guaranteed to have better relationships with family and friends, a healthy level of sexuality and passion for life, and develop unconditional love for ourselves."


It is with this understanding and so much love thatCharlene desires to share with you. Let's change the world, one InnerVerse at a time.



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“The way you feel connects you to the truth of who you are”.

— Ralph Marston


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