Sacred Body Confidence


Level 1: Intuitive Eating

This 6 week live online weight management training is designed to support all women in reclaiming their divine feminine power by reclaiming their divinely feminine body. Together we reprogram the negative patterns within your mind and your body that holds you back from cutting the fat and building a body of sensual power. This program integrates into your life a fail proof eating system that creates the space for effortless weight loss and resiliency in your self-esteem, confidence and self worth.

You were born to live dynamic and free, and it is time that you OWN it.

6 Week Live Online Training begins May 21, 2019

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Connect to your inner Goddess
Negative Self talk creates a stressful response in the body…  Source of image:

Negative Self talk creates a stressful response in the body…

Source of image:

And when stress is both internal AND external  Image Source:

And when stress is both internal AND external

Image Source:

Your body is a in a constant state of confusion and hides behind fat and toxins… creating a cycle of shame  Image source:

Your body is a in a constant state of confusion and hides behind fat and toxins… creating a cycle of shame

Image source:

We all want to be accepted and loved for exactly who we are…

But how many times have you denied yourself a pleasurable experience because you felt awkward or uncomfortable in your body?

How many times have you lost that last 10 pounds… over and over again, and then bullied yourself for being a failure and gaining it all back… plus some?

And no matter how many diets you have tried, you can’t seem to break those old habits of self-sabotage and shut down the cravings?

It is because your BODY knows your old habits and patterns better than YOU do!

STRESS has become a habit that your BODY knows well.

It is how you have been PROGRAMMED… to be STRESSED about your body, STRESSED about your environment, STRESSED about time, and finally STRESSED about how much time your body has in that environment.

You have been programmed to merely SURVIVE. And the best way to keep you STUCK in survival mode is to keep triggering within you the SAME patterns of stress.

So what you PRACTICE (stress caused by self-doubt, criticism, judgement and unhealthy cravings) is exactly what you effortlessly EMBODY.

Your BODY is ADDICTED to it.

And your MIND is ADDICTED to the social programming that tells you what your are “supposed” to look like and what it means to be FIT, HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL.

And you ARE NOT alone sister!

Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. And studies show that the more social media and television a female (girl or woman) consumes, is the more likely she is to be concerned and stressed about her physical appearance.

What if I told you that you that your body has genes and hormones that effortlessly create weight balance in your body, but your stress and toxicity levels have been overriding it?

What if I told you that it is possible to live in a body you truly LOVE and never have to go through the motions of yo-yo dieting again?

It is time for you to discover the power you were born with to create the body that YOU are DESIGNED to live in.

Come to know your body in order to feel free within it
— Charlene Smith (Queen C)




You just forgot how to feel, practice and embrace it.

We live in an information over load era, clouding your ability to think clearly and see the truth among the lies. But as an Innerverse Connect Goddess…

You KNOW what your body needs. You aren’t afraid of what a bowl of ice cream may do to you… You eat it when you actually want to, not because it momentarily makes you feel better.

You stand and speak CONFIDENTLY in a room with coworkers, friends, family or strangers… knowing that your future is filled with opportunities not yet realized!

And when you have a special event coming up and your favourite dress is a little snug…


You implement the tools of an eating system that keeps your hormones in check and your body in balance.

You PROUDLY rock your bikini or bathing suit, remembering that enjoying your vacation means creating EXPERIENCES with loved ones and amazing strangers.

The Sacred Body Confidence program is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and sisterly support you need to design your body as the gateway to an ENERGIZED and EXCITING life!

We as women are the foundation of society. So instead of asking society to change how we view ourselves, love ourselves and care for ourselves…

WE must be the change. We must know how to nourish our body, mind and spirit so that the next generation may expand beyond the outdated social programming we are steadily stripping off within ourselves.



What this training will do for you…

  • REPROGRAM negative and unhealthy belief systems into those of sacred self-love and confidence.

  • Build CLARITY on the food, sleep patterns and self-care needed for you to feel AMAZING every single day.

  • TEACH YOU HOW to IDENTIFY the emotions in your body and TRANSFORM them into personal POWER.

  • PROVIDE TO YOU a fail-proof EATING SYSTEM that will SHIFT your relationship with food so that you will NEVER DIET AGAIN.

  • COACH YOU TO ACTIVATE your fat burning DNA and STRENGTHEN your immune system.

  • elevate and energize your mental AND PHYSICAL state.

  • Bring your SEXY back and feel full of sacred SELF-LOVE.

Photographed by: Patricia Stables photography

Photographed by: Patricia Stables photography


May 21/19

May 27/19

June 3/19

June 10/19

June 17/19

June 24/19

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The program is delivered in THREE phases. Each phase is TWO weeks in length.


PHASE 1: Creating the space for divine transformation

  • Clearing your environment

  • Clearing your body

  • Resetting your nervous system

PHASE 2: Turning up the dial on your intuition

  • Activating your goddess dna

  • Integrating the ivc goddess Eating system customized to your body’s specific needs

PHASE 3: Moving from Habitual to Ritual

  • Learning to listen to the TRUE needs of your body

  • a Focus on FULLY integrating the easy to apply eating system into your life

  • Practicing resiliency from stress in Mind, Body and Spirit

Weekly Hour long training happens LIVE online via webinar - Regular emails with journal prompts, Eating system guidance, nutrition tips, inspiration, meditations and exercises designed to elevate your state of mind, re-programming your body to vibrant health manifesting YOUR perfect size & shape.

NOW… I get it. You have tried other diets before.

What we have to remember is that this is NOT some fad diet. This is a system of transformation applied to your body and useful for every aspect of your life.

This is a process of SELF MASTERY in a world filled with SELF -DOUBT and CRITICISM.

We as humans will only change for one of two reasons: Life -altering trauma or Joy & inspiration


And if the program doesn’t seem to float your boat… I will give you your MONEY BACK!


*14 days from the start of the program (not from date of purchase)

Investment: $396.99*

or 3 Payments of $133

Limited Spots available... Join us NOW!!


What happens when you step onto this path?


Once you’ve registered you will receive an email confirmation that your payment has been received and a link to schedule your PERSONAL consult call with me!


Prior to the start of the training you will receive a Welcome KIT which will include

  • Overview of the program

  • Introductory video

  • Worksheets to support your journey

  • Access to private Facebook group for IVC members ONLY!

  • Zoom links for weekly online meetings


  • Breath-work videos

  • YogiDance & Twerk Class/workshop Special rates

  • Queen C’s Goddess DNA activation Meditation

  • High Fat Low Carb Meals Plans designed by a holistic nutritionist


Ever since I was 12 years old I have been thinking about my body, my weight and my life!

I remember the very moment I started giving my size power over me. I had moved from Edmonton to Toronto and I was eating the same way I always had but I was playing much less. One day my well-meaning Auntie came over and made a comment on how big my thighs had become. I remember looking down at my purple pants, and feeling a sense of shame and shock I had never experienced before. From that moment on… I became obsessed with losing weight.

I have gone through all the motions - attempting to not eat at all, attempting to bring up everything that went down, Chinese diet teas, slim fast, Cabbage soup diet grapefruit diet, master cleanse and Lord knows what else! You may relate, having tried everything known to man, FDA approved or not, finding a small degree of success and gaining it all back plus a few extra!

I have lost weight, gained weight… I’ve lost weight even when I really didn’t need to because every time I looked in the mirror I compared myself to an ideal that, simply put, was not meant for me.

I experienced many patterns of anxiety and depression throughout my life, and that shaped the way that I thought and felt about myself. When I began my journey of creating myself, these patterns continued to rise to the surface, reminding me of the years of social programming that we as women have endured.

But in the middle of the night, after a major heart break, I could feel my body beginning to embody old patterns of thinking and being — then I heard a whisper.

It told me I had a CHOICE.

I could choose to do what I have always done and continue to get what I have always got OR I could do something else and maybe, just maybe, CREATE something new in my life.

In that very moment, I didn’t know what that ‘something’ might be. In fact I had NO clue. All I knew, and all I could feel, was I was SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED!

I knew that I deserved happiness, even though I could barely fathom it in that moment.

I realized that no one could give it to me… No one could create it for me - JUST ME.

The funny thing about creating something for yourself: NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU!


I chose to truly dive deep into my body, and into MY LIFE.  I chose to figure out what worked for my body, and what doesn’t. What I like and what I don’t like.

Three days after the whisper I entered into a bikini competition that was a mere THREE months away. I won't lie. It was a scary. I had grown up with so many judgments about myself.

My body shape. My skin colour. My hair.

I knew I had to do something different. I knew that the life I dreamed about living did not exist within my comfort zone. So I promised myself I would do it MY WAY - that I would do this to figure out ME!

No dietitian, No trainer… ALL ME.

I wanted to listen to my body in the deepest of ways and respond in a loving manner. I wanted to be my biggest cheerleader and own best friend. I am happy to say, that is exactly what I did.

I didn’t place in the competition, but I can tell you one thing...

flashback pic 1.jpg

This is what led me to create this program - do that I could share the joy, glory, magic, style and LIBERATION of the lessons I’ve learned when it comes to designing your body.

With a degree in Women studies & English, and over four thousand hours of teaching and studying the Yogic Path, I am honoured to support you on YOUR journey to connecting to your Inner Goddess <3

I believe EVERY WOMAN DESERVES to feel good in her body and LOVE the life she’s living.

Because it’s time to move from dis-ease in the body to ease and absolute HEALTH, WEALTH, SEXINESS and SASS.

It’s time to create your body and create the life you want to LIVE!

See you on the other side ;)

With love,

Queen C (Charlene Smith)

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