Charlene Smith's client Chris had just completed one of her breathwork and yoga classes. She speaks about her experience and has since worked with Charlene one on one to learn more.

I've had the pleasure of joining Charlene Smith at the gym for some intense work outs paired with intense laughter, fun, and endless encouragement ! I've also spent mornings in yoga classes with her sharing energy, essential oil aromas, and the polite wink when we have hit a new goal. Her energy and positive outlook radiates from her inner self right to her joyous smile. It's easy to pause my daily routine and take a " me break " when this girls involved. Cheers to many more adventures and accomplishments ahead !

~ Chelsea Brown, July 14, 2016

Your class has done so much for me, and I don't quite know how to thank you appropriately. Your warm, welcoming, and accepting personality instantly put me at ease. I have very little support in my daily life and when I was in your class, I felt like I was a part of something bigger...something beautiful. I have gone through hell over the past few years and have finally decided that it is time to put myself first. You broke everything down into manageable pieces that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and tackle some of the issues that have been holding me back from finding my true happiness. Most of the time I walk around and go about my day feeling lost, but after spending even this short amount of time with you, I feel like there is hope. And hope is a beautiful thing.


I do not want this series to be over; I feel like we have only just begun. Please, if you have intentions of carrying forward with a phase two, let me know. As I mentioned before, my circle is very small and this class made me feel like part of a community. I now carry a lot of new knowledge and appreciation ...I am so incredibly grateful for all that you have given me.

~ Carrie, March 5, 2016